The Oz and Malibu’s nightclubs at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach both closed their doors earlier this year.

Broadway at the Beach is suing two of its former clubs for not paying rent, according to a lawsuit filed in Horry County last week.

Broadway filed two lawsuits against Beach House Entertainment Inc., which operates clubs Oz and Malibu’s. Both clubs are part of Celebrations Nitelife.

According to the lawsuits, both clubs entered into a new lease agreement with Broadway at the Beach on Dec. 31, 2015.

Douglas M. Zayicek, the attorney representing Broadway, said both club's leases were set to end at the end of December in 2025.

Celebrations closed its doors at the end of July, which the lawsuit said was a breach of the lease agreement.

Zayicek said Broadway filed the suit to collect the unpaid rent through the remainder of the lease term.

“We do not comment on lawsuits, but obviously after 25 successful years of operating, the only reason we were unable to continue was due to COVID-19 closures,” said Celebrations' former owner Joey Monteleone, who added the company hadn't been served the court paperwork yet. 

The lawsuits don't say how much rent the clubs owed, and neither Zayicek nor Monteleone would provide those details. 

The company initially closed its doors on March 18 because of COVID-19. The closure was thought to be temporary at first, but then on July 31, it shut down permanently.


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