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Beautiful Mind is at 121 Gateway Road, Unit E in Grand Plaza in Carolina Forest. The website is and the phone number is 843-455-4321.

Looking for a way “to bring peace and calm” into her life, Nicola Roberts started going to Beautiful Mind in Carolina Forest and noticed a difference immediately.

Roberts is a nurse, and says that while “nothing is a substitute for going to a doctor when something is wrong with the body,” yoga is something she does for herself and describes it as therapeutic and calming.

Beautiful Mind’s owner Mona Lee says, “People fall in love when they come here because it’s a place of service and a place of love.

“We are teaching people how to be human beings, not doing beings.”

Roberts, who has learned that, says about technology, “We have to unplug, put it all down and get away from it all for a while.

“This is not a substitute for medical advice,” the nurse says, “But a walk on the beach barefoot, a little sunshine, smelling the flowers and being part of nature can be very therapeutic.”

Yoga instructor Whitney Dadenhoff adds, “People can single task only for about three minutes and then they have to go to their phone or flip on the TV. They can’t just let their minds be.”

“We teach people how to do that,” Lee says.

Beautiful Mind is at 121 Gateway Road, Unit E in Grand Plaza in Carolina Forest. The website is For information about registration, consultation or appointments, call 843-455-4321.

Services and classes run the gamut from A to Z with everything from astrology classes to Zen sessions.

Yoga, sound healing, brain training, Reiki, anger management and life coaching are some of the services and classes Beautiful Mind provides.

Lee gave up a corporate job to open her business and says she’s now “living on purpose.”

Lee is a board-certified holistic health practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, is certified as a neurofeedback specialist by the Natural Therapies Certification Board, is a certified master level hypnotherapist, an NLP transpersonal life coach and an AcuDetox specialist in auricular acupuncture.

She is finishing her dissertation on energy healing for her doctorate in natural medicine with Quantum University.

She has a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, a bachelor’s degree in holistic health sciences, a master’s in natural medicine, Reiki certification and a 200-hour yoga certification. 

Dadenhoff says yoga started as a form of exercise for her, but soon realized it helped her think more clearly.

“My confidence started growing and I started listening to myself and connecting to my soul,” she says.

Lee says a lot of people think Beautiful Mind has to do with religion, but that’s a misconception.

“It is about spirituality though,” she clarifies. “We share holistically, it’s unity, it’s oneness, it’s a service of love and light.

“Even the ceiling is filled with love vibrations.”

Lee mentions a client who’d contemplated suicide before starting yoga class, but “ended up getting the longitude and latitude of her yoga mat tattooed on her foot.”

She also tells about a man in his 70s suffering with dementia. After six months of yoga, he was able to find Beautiful Mind without using his GPS.

“Ninety percent of every sickness and disease is stress, and If people don’t have stress, they won’t get sick,” she says. “And, if they’re already sick, they can heal by connecting to their body and their mind.

“Disease is exactly that,” she says. “It is disease and we relieve that through yoga.”

That said, she adds that Beautiful Mind is “not just a yoga studio.

“This is a sacred place, it’s wellness from the inside out, complete holistic wellness.”

Roberts, who’s been a client at Beautiful Mind for about nine months, says, “I thoroughly believe there’s a connection between the mind and the body. If you continually tell yourself you’re sick, that will manifest into physical symptoms.”


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