atlantic beach special election 2023

Michael Isom, a candidate in the recent special election in Atlantic Beach, challenged the results that named John David the winner. Photo by Bryn Eddy/

An appeal made against the results of an Atlantic Beach special election was denied in Conway circuit court in May, and now the appellant has filed a new appeal with the state supreme court.

In May, Circuit Judge Debra McCaslin denied Michael Isom’s appeal against the election results that named John David the holder of the empty seat on Atlantic Beach’s town council.

Isom, however, had until June 12 to file an appeal with the state supreme court. 

Isom said on June 2 that he filed an appeal with the state supreme court and online records confirm his appeal.

Isom's appeal stated that David does not meet the residency requirement to be on town council, but McCaslin’s May 12 order affirms the election commission’s stance that David is a resident of Atlantic Beach, according to public documents.

Isom said he feels good about his most recent appeal.

The town has spent about $12,000 so far on the special election, more than double the amount it usually spends on elections, which is approximately $5,000, town manager Benjamin Quattlebaum said.

The seat David may be sworn into was previously held by James DeWitt II. 

DeWitt died from gunshot wounds in Richland County on Oct. 9 after holding the seat on town council for about a year.

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