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Now there’s a hearing device that adapts to you and your environment.

To say hearing devices have changed over the years is quite an understatement. But the Styletto X offers a new level of groundbreaking technology. With the world’s first acoustic motion sensors, the Styletto X actually adapts and optimizes hearing in any situation. Noisy malls, windy days, dinners out, or simply relaxing at home all become more enjoyable because wearers are finally able to hear more clearly.

Technological advances at every turn.

The revolutionary Signia Xperience platform that drives the device also provides speech understanding that’s more true-to-life, so wearers have a more natural sound experience while on the go. Not only does sound become clearer, but wearers are better able to recognize the directions from which sounds are coming.

And the technology doesn’t stop at the device. The sleek carrying case is also a portable charger that delivers three days of power. The case is also packed with wireless charging capability, so you simply place it on

a charging pad instead of plugging into the wall. Fully charged in just four hours, it frees users from plugs or cables for 72 hours!

To top things off, the Styletto X also incorporates award-winning iconic design, so sleek and sophisticated it doesn’t even look like a hearing device!

Full Control and Assistance through your mobile device.

Rounding out the technological power of the Styletto X is Signia Assist in the Signia App, available free at the App Store and Google Play. Using artificial intelligence, it offers quick, easier support wherever and whenever wearers need it. With it, you can adjust settings and get answers to any questions or troubleshoot any issues 24/7/365.

With Hearing Loss There’s More To Lose

Far too many people suffer through hearing loss needlessly. They miss the soft whispers of a grandchild, the soothing sounds of a walk in the park, or even the simple relaxation of an evening spent watchingTV without the sound turned full blast.

There are any number of reasons we experience hearing loss. From straightforward and simple reasons like growing older, to more complex medical issues like genetic disease. The only way to fully understand your hearing loss and your options is to talk to a hearing care professional. It’s good advice to make a visit at least once a year.

Hearing better means living better.

If hearing loss means missing out on life, then it’s also true that improving your hearing helps you get back to getting the most out of life. And, with the sleek and sophisticated Styletto X hearing aids from Signia, you can recapture the joys of better hearing while taking advantage of cutting-edge technology and sleek, sophisticated styling. Easy recharging, Bluetooth® connectivity, and multiple world’s-first innovations all combine to bring you a more complete hearing experience. All wrapped up in a sleek, classic style that’s actually won design awards!


To learn more about the Signia experience platform, visit Carolina Forest Hearing Center. 



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