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Sara Boone said yes twice in one week.

Once to accepting the honor of being named Aynor Middle School’s Teacher of the Year, and once to accepting the marriage proposal of her now-fiance, Ted McElroy.

“It was quite the week to be me!” Boone said.

Boone has been teaching English to eighth-graders at AMS for the past eight years. Before coming to Aynor, she taught in upstate South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

She is a 1984 Socastee High School graduate who received her bachelor’s degree in English and education from Wofford College in 1988, followed by her master’s degree in English from Converse College in 1994.

Boone was headed for a career in law.

“I went to college with plans for law school, but I took an education course as an elective,” Boone said. “Through that course, I did a weekly tutoring program at a junior high school in Spartanburg, and I was drawn to education.”

Math was her strong suit, but she said English challenged her.

“I found it filled something in my soul that connected me to others and the human experience,” Boone said.

AMS Principal Robbie Watkins said Boone is a valuable asset to AMS.

“Her ability to build relationships with students is second to none. She is passionate about making a difference in her students’ lives and teaching them not only English, but how to become better citizens,” Watkins said.

It was hard for her to decide what she loves most about teaching.

“…being able to be a part of helping young people believe in themselves and shape their futures, give them choices,” Boone said. “My favorite grades are eighth and ninth, and they are such pivotal years in a person’s life. To be a part in guiding young people towards future success and happiness is a great privilege.”

Despite that privilege, Boone did say it is very challenging to be able to accomplish all of the mandated tasks that don’t really play a part in teaching, but have to be done nonetheless.

When she isn’t teaching English, she’s spending time at the beach with her Australian Shepherds Spencer and Angus, or sometimes with one of her three sons: George, Henry or Iain.

She enjoys soccer and loves watching Henry and Iain play. Boone also serves as a chalice bearer and a lay reader at her church, the Church of the Resurrection in Surfside.

Boone and McElroy will tie the knot in April.


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