Rodger Gamble was charged with assault and battery in November 2016 after police said he took part in a beating that put a man in a hospital. 

Records show the charge was dismissed when Atlantic Beach failed to send a case report to the solicitor’s office. 

But Gamble maintains he never should have been arrested in the first place. 

On the night of the incident, Gamble was having a fish fry in the Ocean Apartments parking lot where he lived when another man came onto the property carrying a knife.

The way Gamble tells it, the man was drunk and angry, and showed up with his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s mother. 

He said they were mad about a previous incident at the building. 

The man pulled out a razor, and started after Gamble’s brother, who had just had a stroke. He said the man started threatening to cut those who were there.

“It just went haywire,” Gamble said. “It was like a little brawl.”

Gamble said he pushed the attacker away and tried to calm things down.

The man with the knife left before Horry County police showed up on scene that night to speak to the witnesses.

“They just talked to us,” Gamble said. “Nobody came and investigated anything that night.”

The next morning, Gamble said, he reported the situation to then chief Timothy Taylor, who in turn got a warrant for Gamble’s arrest.

“He never came over to the building and did an investigation at the building. He just went on what those people told him,” Gamble said. 

“He was targeting me.” 

Gamble’s upstairs neighbor, Candace Cole, corroborated Gamble’s account of the events in a separate interview. 

“We were all out here in the parking lot when the guy attacked Rodger’s brother and they chased him off. And he left before the cops got here,” Cole said. 

“I don’t understand why Rodger got arrested. I know for a fact the guy came at Rodger’s brother.  The guy came up at everybody acting all big and bad. He came at him. He was going to cut him.” 

In the dismissal letter to Atlantic Beach, the solicitor’s office wrote “as a result of your department’s repeated failure to provide the case report as required by court order, our office will have no choice but to dismiss the case without prejudice, release the defendant from jail if the defendant is still being held, advise your department’s chief executive, and inform the victim, if applicable, of your department’s failure and resulting dismissal.” 

This story is part of a investigation into the Atlantic Beach Police Department. Read more about the department by clicking here.

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