Pine Lakes Clubhouse

Pine Lakes Country Club in the heart of Myrtle Beach is celebrating its 90th anniversary. "The Granddaddy" of Myrtle Beach golf courses was the first in the city, opening 11 years before the city of Myrtle Beach was incorporated.

A new app could replace Horry County’s brochures used for historic driving tours around the area.

The county’s Historic Preservation Commission is looking into the switch for two reasons: it’s less expensive and more accessible to visitors.

The commission has printed historic driving brochures for years, which cost thousands of dollars to print and update. (In 2017, the commission requested $3,600 to reprint brochures for a single driving tour, according to HPC records.)

Horry County Driving Tour

The Horry County Driving Tour takes you to historic sites throughout the county. Photo courtesy of Horry County Government 

The tours include the Horry County Driving Tour, the Galivants Ferry Driving Tour, the Socastee Driving Tour and the Little River Driving Tour.

These tours feature spots around Horry County from Small's Mercantile in Ketchuptown to the McCorsley in Little River to Bucks Mill Chimneys in the Bucksport area.

By switching to an app, information for the tours would be found in one place. Plus, a person doesn’t physically have to be in the area to stop and grab a brochure, said Lou Conklin, senior planner with Horry County Government.

“To us, that’s kind of like a win-win,” she said. “People like to do this sort of tourism.”

The HPC recently voted to move forward with the app and is now exploring funding, which could be a budget enhancement or come from accommodations taxes, Conklin said.

The app would feature audio, images, text and other multimedia elements, according to HPC documents.

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