The Guy Daniels Memorial Foundation’s main fundraiser helps provide scholarships for Horry and Georgetown County students in addition to supporting local environmental causes.

Surfside Beach, S.C., July 7, 2017- For the 18th consecutive year, the Guy Daniels Memorial Foundation Surfoff will bring together the surf community to celebrate the life of a fellow surfer, while also raising funds for education and conservation. The two-day surf contest kicks off at 8 a.m. on July 29th at 13th Avenue South in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. A Pro-Am division will be held again this year, bringing the best surfers on the East Coast to the event with $2,000 in cash up for grabs.

Registration is online only this year, and to reserve a spot in the contest prior to the July 27 deadline, go to Surfoff registration online.  

The Surfoff has a wide range of events for surfers of all ages and skill levels, and no membership in any organization is needed to enter. Back by popular demand is the family-favorite Push-In heat, as well as the Kids Activity Tent. Parking will be free and great raffle prizes will be on offer as well.  

Held in memory of Guy Daniels, a Surfside Beach surfer and lifeguard who died while jogging in 1999 at the age of 19, the Surfoff aims to bring the surf and local community together to support the causes that Guy believed in.

“As of this year, we have awarded over $100,000 in scholarships to over 60 students, and the Surfoff is the reason for that,” said Mikey Pruitt, Director of the Guy Daniels Memorial Foundation. “We have received tremendous support over the past 18 years from the surf community and the Town of Surfside Beach. This event wouldn’t be possible without them, and the expansion of the contest with divisions like the Pro-Am will help us continue to grow and award additional scholarships, as well as support the environmental causes that keep our beaches clean.”

Continued growth and success of the Surfoff ensure more student scholarships and support for the Guy Daniels Memorial Foundation’s Respect the Beach campaign.  Respect the Beach promotes keeping local beaches clean by working with the Town of Surfside Beach to provide trash and recycling receptacles at Surfside Beach walkovers, as well as receptacles for beachgoers to dispose of their cigarette butts before walking onto the beach.   

 To learn more about the Guy Daniels Memorial Foundation, a volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit organization, go to

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