North Myrtle Beach Middle School Principal James LaPier readies for the beginning of school this past August. Photo by Janet Morgan/janet.morgan@myhorrynews.com

Principals at two Horry County Schools sent letters to parents on Friday saying that students in groups A and G will not be attending in-person school this coming Monday and Tuesday, but using virtual instruction.

"As a result of staffing shortages due to teacher quarantines and an inability to provide face-to-face instruction for students in socially-distanced settings, North Myrtle Beach Middle School students in Groups A and G will be placed on the distance learning model for Monday, December 21 and Tuesday, December 22," said NMBMS Principal James LaPier in an email to parents obtained by My Horry News. 

The email goes on to say that students will follow their full virtual day as all HCS students do on Friday, and that their teachers and staff are prepared for virtual meetings and instruction to support those A and G group students. 

Conway Middle School Principal Regina Treadwell Pertell also emailed parents of students in Groups A and G that CMS will be virtual for Monday and Tuesday as well, for the same reasons. 

Pertell said that a distance learning schedule will be sent prior to Monday for students to follow. 

"Faculty and staff who are not under quarantine should report to the school building," said Pertell, in an email to parents obtained by My Horry News. 

As of today at 3:50 p.m., the HCS COVID-19 dashboard shows NMBMS with 11 staff in quarantine and nine total active virus cases between students and staff. 

CMS dashboard data shows 16 of their staff members in quarantine and eight total COVID-19 cases between students and staff. 

Lisa Bourcier, spokesperson for HCS, said that the rest of the school district will remain on the hybrid, in-person model for these two days next week, and that NMBMS and CMS staff and parents of these schools have been notified.

Winter break begins Wednesday, December 23. 


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