COVID-19 Update

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) announced Saturday a single-day record of 2,239 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 208 from Horry County.

The state also announced 18 additional deaths linked to COVID-19, five of those from Horry County.

 It brings Horry County’s case total up to 5,583 with 72 who’ve died. South Carolina’s total is now at 54,538 and 940 deaths.

One of the five confirmed deaths from Horry County occurred in a young adult.

The state also announced the first death of a child from COVID-19. The child was under five years old from Chester County and the death occurred on July 11, DHEC said. 

“Younger South Carolinians continue to contribute to more and more positive cases of COVID-19,” a DHEC news release said. “Since June 1, there has been a 436.5% increase in newly reported COVID-19 cases among the 21-30 age group, representing 22% of total confirmed cases in the state, which is the largest percentage by age group.”

As of Saturday morning, 2,801 inpatient hospital beds are available and 7,906 are in use, which is a 73.84% statewide hospital bed utilization rate. Of the 7,906 inpatient beds currently used, 1,396 are occupied by patients who have either tested positive or are under investigation for COVID-19.

Of those 1,396 patients, 171 of them are on ventilators, according to DHEC officials.

In Horry County, the hospital bed occupancy is at 82.6 percent.

As of Friday, a total of 533,738 tests have been conducted in the state. The total number of individual test results reported to DHEC Friday statewide was 10,083 and the percent positive of those tests was 22.2%, the highest it has ever been in the state.

The rising hospitalization rate and percent of COVID-19 tests coming back positive is evidence of a sicker population. In addition, DHEC says there are high rates of infection in people who have no symptoms whatsoever, and the age of COVID-19 patents has been trending younger as more people without symptoms test positive.

Currently, there are 84 mobile testing events scheduled through August 1 with new testing events added regularly.

Friday marked the first of four free testing events in Horry and Georgetown counites courtesy of Tidelands Health. The remaining three testing events are:

 • July 17 at Myrtle Beach Pelicans Stadium

• July 24 at Coastal Carolina University

• July 31 at Myrtle Beach Pelicans Stadium

All events start at 10 a.m. and run until tests run out.

Residents can also get tested at one of 172 permanent COVID-19 testing facilities across the state. Visit for more information.


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