The Horry County Emergency Operations Center

In response to the threat of the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, Covid-19, Horry County announced Saturday morning that it was moving to "OPCON 2" and declared a localized state of emergency effective noon Saturday, "to adopt emergency ordinances to meet public emergencies affecting life, health, safety or the property of the people in our area."

The ordinance allows the county administrator to use the fund balance in the county budget as needed to respond to the threat of the virus.

The county says the emergency declaration will last 60 days unless terminated by council.

Moving to OPCON 2 allows the county to activate its emergency operations plan if needed. As of Saturday morning, the Emergency Operations Center was not open, and other county offices remained open during normal business hours. 

The county says the move was made out of an "abundance of caution" to increase the county's response time to the situation as needed. It allows the county to respond quickly as the situation evolves.

Although there have been no local confirmed cases of Covid-19, the county says that declaring a state of emergency allows local government to "mobilize resources, to better monitor the virus, to strengthen our ability to respond and assist, and to proactively take measures to protect our residents and visitors."

Read the emergency declaration ordinance here


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Y’all are doing a good job with this vital coverage. A question: in light of concerns elsewhere about hospital bed space and respirator availability, how do things look locally on those fronts?

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