CNB drive-thru

Horry County residents can pay their property taxes at Conway National Bank drive-thrus through the end of the month.

Folks who need to pay their Horry County property taxes won’t have to wait in long end-of-the-year lines.

The county treasurer’s office on Friday announced a temporary program that will allow people to pay their real estate taxes at the drive-thrus of Conway National Bank branches. The program begins Monday and will continue through the end of the year except when the bank offices are closed (nights and weekends, at 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve and all of Christmas Day).

“[It’s] convenience, really,” Horry County Treasurer Angie Jones said. “They’re not sitting in lines for two hours waiting.”

Taxpayers must have their tax bills and a check to pay their taxes — cash and credit card payments cannot be accepted at the bank — and receipts will be mailed, not available at the bank on the day of payment. The service is also limited to the bank drive-thrus.

Jones noted that the program serves multiple purposes. As the number of COVID-19 cases in the area continues to rise, she’s concerned about people coming to her office to pay their bills. The treasurer’s office typically sees a surge of people paying vehicle taxes at the end of the month, and those residents need a receipt and often a license plate decal that day.  

By encouraging people to pay their real estate taxes at CNB branches, she hopes to avoid a crowd inside the county office, which follows social distancing protocols.

“It is about protecting the people,” she said. 

Even the drive-thru at the treasurer's office gets busy this time of year.

Jones said some taxpayers are nervous about mailing their payments because they aren’t sure if they will arrive on time. By paying at a CNB drive-thru, the payment will be recorded that day.

The program will continue through Dec. 31.

“We are extremely grateful to Conway National Bank for assisting our citizens during this time,” the county said in a prepared statement.

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