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Social distancing markers were placed on the ground at Conway Elementary School and other schools in the county, ready for students to begin arriving on Sept. 8 for the first day of school. Conway Elementary has yet to have a reported positive case of COVID-19, according to DHEC's report. 

Horry County Schools said Thursday that it would continue to monitor the number of cases within the school district and will consider the October 15th DHEC weekly disease activity report as it relates to the district’s future operational status for the week of Oct. 19. 

But earlier in the day, Horry County Board of Education chairman Ken Richardson said that students who chose in-person learning will continue to attend in a hybrid learning format the week of October 19, despite Thursday's Department of Health and Environmental Control's Disease Activity Report findings. 

"[With the new COVID-19 dashboard], we're looking at our own numbers now," said Horry County Board of Education Chairman Ken Richardson. "I can't keep playing with these children back and forth on this thing. Four out of the last five weeks, some info we've gotten from DHEC has not been accurate and they've had to amend it."

Richardson said recent HCS data does not show the district at a high rate, but only at the same medium rate it has been for the last few weeks.

"If the numbers continue to not match up, we might ask Molly Spearman for permission to use our own numbers," Richardson said. 

With the recent spike in cases, according to DHEC, Horry County was deemed a high rate of spread and showed a medium incidence rate and high trend.

See today's report by clicking here.

Since the beginning of school on September 8, students who chose in-person learning have been attending in a hybrid fashion, which splits the children into two groups that go on staggered days. Fridays in a hybrid format are distance learning for everyone.

Last week's Disease Activity Report says students will attend in the hybrid format through the week of October 12. 

The report DHEC will release next Thursday, Oct. 15 will determine how students attend the week of Oct. 26. 

On Thursday, DHEC reported 859 new confirmed cases, with 89 of them in Horry County. This puts Horry County in third place in the state in terms of case numbers, behind Spartanburg and Greenville counties. 

Today's Horry County Schools COVID-19 dashboard shows 36 new cases in the last week - 18 staff and 18 students, and according to the same list, 18 Horry County Schools have active COVID-19 cases right now. 

See the HCS dashboard here.


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