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Horry County Schools sent parents an email Wednesday night asking that if students or anyone in their family is sick during distance learning with COVID-19 to report it to the students' school nurse. 

"We hope everyone had a safe, healthy, and restful holiday break. While we participate in full-time distance learning over the next two weeks, we ask that you contact your child’s school nurse if your student or anyone in your household has been sick and/or asked to quarantine/isolate due to COVID-19," the email said. 

HCS said that while they will continue to communicate daily with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, they still need some help from district families.

"...We need your assistance in getting an accurate representation of the disease spread in our school communities so we can continue to populate our COVID-19 dashboard," the email said. 

It was announced by the district just before the holiday break in December that the district would be full-time distance learning beginning January 4, through Friday, January 15. 

This decision was made to avoid a possible spike in COVID-19 cases like the one that was seen after students' return after Thanksgiving holidays.

The HCS Board of Education will have a work session on Monday, Jan. 11 at 6 p.m., and the next regular meeting will be on Monday, Jan. 25 at the same time. 

The district previously promised to give parents at least five full days of notice whenever the instruction style will change. 

Board chairman Ken Richardson previously commented that these two weeks of distance learning would give the district more time to complete the plexiglass installation in the schools, in a step towards moving back to five-day, face-to-face instruction. 


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