Gov. Henry McMaster

Beginning at 5 p.m. on Monday, the following non-essential businesses will be closed, via an order from S.C. Governor Henry McMaster.

- Furniture stores

- Jewelry stores

- Clothing stores

- Clothing and shoe accessories

- Florists

- Sporting goods stores

- Book stores

- Craft stores

- Music stores

- Luggage and leather stores

- Home furniture stores

McMaster said that the order does not include hardware stores, firearm retailers, or home improvement retailers.

The governor also is now prohibiting short-term rentals by individuals from COVID-19 hotspots, based on CDC guidelines. This includes hotels, motels, rental houses and Airbnb. Exceptions include military, medical, first responders and commercial transportation.

“We will go as far as we need to, to keep the people of this state safe,” McMaster said. “We are taking a deliberate approach to be aggressive as we can at the right time.”

As for a shelter-in-place order, McMaster said that S.C. is not the same as other states, and that he believes they are doing what they need to right now, but “when the time comes, or if the time comes” to give that type of order, they will issue it.

Jennifer Butler from the South Carolina Department of Mental Health urged citizens to make sure they are caring for their mental health as well as their physical.

“It’s important to not lose sight of each other even though we may be a little bit further apart,” Butler said.

Butler said that as the state stays home to save lives, people still need to stay connected, and she shared a few ways those in need can connect to help: (800) 237-TALK is the National Suicide Prevention Line, and citizens can use the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, or visit

McMaster said he hopes to not have to worry about issuing a shelter-in-place.

“We hope to keep from getting to that point, following the [comprehensive] advice, recommendations and best practices that have been distributed in every fashion to our people,” McMaster said. "I'll say again, nothing is off the table."


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I can’t believe that he is not following what the rest of the United States is doing. A stay at home order is what we need to keep us all safe. This piecemeal approach will cost lives.


Gun stores should be at the top of the list! This is a high stress time that people are dealing with without adding firearms into the mix.


Why such piecemeal closures???


We are also waiting in his revisions to his ban on beaches, boat ramps and the rest


I hope I do not find out that a store like Walmart is allowing people to purchase items that are on the list. They should be selling food and hardware items and nothing else


Time to go back to NYC Jerry.

The Colonel

This is South Carolina. Not New York.

The Colonel

What businees is it of yours what people buy?

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