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S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster

S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster has taken steps to allow curbside beer and wine sales by restaurants and extend the state's income tax deadline to July 15 as more measures are implemented due to the coronavirus.

“Team South Carolina is constantly reviewing the COVID 19 situation, and all plans and contingencies to contain this virus remain on the table,” McMaster said in a news release issued Saturday.

“That includes ‘shelter-in-place,’ a drastic action that other states with larger population centers have taken. It is my hope that this will not be necessary here, and I believe it to be much less likely, as long as South Carolinians follow official instructions and take recommended precautions now.”

The governor issued an executive order that directs the state Department of Revenue to waive certain regulations to allow eateries to sell customers sealed containers of beer and wine. Patrons can pick up the beverages curbside or through “to-go” orders.

The waiver doesn’t allow the establishments to deliver the beer and wine, nor does it authorize or apply to open containers.

McMaster directed the SCDOR to conform the state’s income tax deadline to July 15, which is also the new federal income tax deadline. “Other state taxes will remain delayed until June 1,” the release states.

Construction workers and others in the skilled trade industry are asked to donate any personal protective equipment they can spare to healthcare personnel and state agencies in need. The equipment requested includes respirator masks commonly used on construction sites.

Those who wish to donate the items can email Mary Louise Resch with Habitat for Humanity at mlresch@habitatsc.org.

As of Friday afternoon, the state Department of Administration is reporting that for 52 of 74 state agencies there were 13,902 state employees working from home or taking leave; there were 11,411 state employees at work.


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