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Coastal Carolina University Interim Vice President for Student Affairs Peter Paquette sent out an email to the student body over the weekend telling them that “partying has no place at CCU this fall”.

“Partying is a direct threat to others’ lives and to the success of the on-campus experience this fall,” Paquette said in the email. “Partying demonstrates to your peers and to Teal Nation your clear disregard for others.”

This email, obtained by My Horry News, was sent out to the student body at CCU after a student shared his concerns over the “lack of personal responsibility and care” that they witnessed last week on campus.

If it is determined that a student took part in parties or large gatherings, Paquette's email said, the students can be expected to be restricted from campus. Those hosting such events could face longer-term consequences.

According to the email, the student said he witnessed some students “looking for a party in Quail”, which refers to a campus housing community across from the baseball stadium on campus.

Nik Kostarelos, a junior exercise and sports science major, said that the email from Paquette was “needed”.

“Usually partying is just a typical thing that college students do, but in these weird times they aren’t putting themselves at risk of getting the virus but they are also putting every other CCU student at risk,” Kostarelos said.

Sarah Jackson, a graduate student at CCU, said she was unaware of the possibility of there being parties on or around campus, “until the university brought it to her attention”.

“I think that sending out the email gave students somewhat of a wake-up call,” Jackson said. “CCU has a history of being known as a party school and I do see this potentially being a problem during the fall. I feel that this is because people have been at home and are finally coming back to campus and seeing friends they haven’t seen in months.”

Jackson says that she believes that it is “okay to see friends” but to “do it in a safe way”.

This email comes after not even a full week of classes at CCU. The university began classes in an online-only fashion last week, but resumes in-person learning on Sept. 8.

Leading up to the beginning of classes, the university updated students and their families with daily Coastal Comeback Plan videos, documenting their protocols for various situations regarding COVID-19. 

“I feel that CCU has handled thus situation fairly well and is taking the proper course of action to make sure everyone is as safe as possible,” Kostarelos said. “To keep safe during the pandemic, I’m always wearing my mask anytime I am around people or out in public as well as staying socially distanced.”

The email encourages students to intervene and report concerns, "so that appropriate action can be taken."

"The stakes are high this fall, and therefore the consequences must be as well," Paquette's email read. 

Paquette’s email to students Friday night ended with the subtle reminder that the choices students make this fall could threaten the livelihood of others.

“Your choices have consequences,” Paquette said. “Make choices that put others first.”



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