CCU Singleton Building

Coastal Carolina University is reporting 54 new student cases of COVID-19 and one positive employee case, a significant increase after last week's total of three.

Earlier this week, CCU Associate Vice President and Chief Communication Officer Martha Hunn confirmed that students who test positive for the virus and are not already in a single room by themselves will be isolating in one of the rooms CCU leased at a local apartment complex for that purpose.

According to the Coastal Comeback Plan videos produced by the university, those students in isolation will have access to non-perishable food and drink, as well as help with cleaning and trash pickup during that time.

New data provided by the school this morning said that as of Sept. 2, 77 students were in quarantine this week for being exposed to the virus, and 51 students who tested positive were in isolation.

CCU updates their numbers each Friday morning, including data collected weekly with a cut-off point of Wednesdays at 5 p.m. Their cumulative numbers began June 8, 2020, and reflect the combined totals of all University symptomatic testing results, regular surveillance testing results of student-athletes per NCAA guidelines, and positive test results reported by students and employees.

CCU maintains that they may not be aware of all tests taken by University employees or students.

Students with symptoms can be tested for free at CCU's Student Health Services, but the university may not know about test results from students who may have gone off-campus for testing unless the students report it to the school themselves. 

The school's new data shows a jump in isolations between August 19 and August 26 from 13 to 38 cases.

CCU's Interim Vice President for Student Affairs Peter Paquette sent an email to students the weekend of August 22 to warn them that there would be consequences for students who chose to gather and party together instead of maintaining social distancing and mask guidelines.

View the complete data here.

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