No, there’s nothing supernatural about Dr. Screams.

But the sultan of splat will be in two locations at once this Halloween season, a first since he began operating haunted trails in Horry County.

Dr. Screams, aka Myrtle Beach area businessman Gary Bingham, will operate two haunted trails in the Myrtle Beach area.

The first is a haunted maze, trail and 4D simulator ride at Myrtle Beach Speedway near Carolina Forest.

Dr. Screams will also operate a haunted mansion inside the old Phillips Seafood at U.S. 17 Bypass and 21st Avenue North in Myrtle Beach.

Bingham said he puts together annual shows not for the money, but rather for the enjoyment of those who visit, noting that he broke even last year.

He said it costs about $100,000 to assemble a show.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the creation,” Bingham said. “It’s almost therapy for me.”

Dr. Screams Haunted Mansion, as it’s being called, began operating Oct. 16 and will continue through Saturday, Nov. 2.

Dr. Screams Haunted Events, which is being held at the speedway, was scheduled to begin running Thursday, Oct. 17, and also will continue through Nov. 2.

Shows open nightly at about 7 p.m. and continue to 11 p.m. during the week and midnight or later on Friday and Saturday nights.

The price of each location is $15 per person.

Bingham said he’s in the middle of a five-year contract with Myrtle Beach Speedway, but said he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to put on a show at the old Phillip’s Seafood.

At 30,000 square feet, it’s the largest venue for a Dr. Screams show. Indoor haunted houses are more versatile as well, he said.

In addition to being virtually weather proof, indoor venues such as old restaurants allow entertainers to be more creative.

In 2009, for example, when Dr. Screams was at the old NASCAR Café, the restaurant kitchen made for an excellent boiler room atmosphere that would’ve made Freddie Krueger proud.

Dr. Screams Haunted Mansion plans to utilize a 16-foot dining table that’ll be used for a simulated séance. Two coolers will be converted into meat lockers.

“I like to do indoors because you can really hone in on people’s senses,” Bingham said. “You can make it dark, you can make it cold. The lighting is much better and you can use better props.”

There’ll be plenty of scares at Dr. Screams Haunted Events as well.

The experience there begins with a haunted maze that’ll resemble “games” that fans of the “Saw” movie franchise will appreciate.

Then guests will be ushered onto a bus for a 4D simulator ride that incorporates strobe lights, air and fog effects.

Finally, guests will be led along a haunted trail through the woods.

“All three of those are totally different from what the haunted mansion is,” Bingham said. “The haunted mansion is more theatrical.”

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