April 1, 2014 UPDATE:

A bond hearing in the matter of State vs. Randy Robinson that was scheduled for Thursday, April 10 in Conway has been canceled, according to a news release from the 15th Judicial Circuit.

No new date has been scheduled and no reason for the cancellation was offered in the release.

Robinson has been charged with murder and obstructing justice in connection with Pipkin's disappearance. Pipkin was last seen in Aynor on Jan. 16.

This has been an update to the previously posted story below:

Angie Pipkin’s family and friends want to remember the woman they loved with a vigil at the Great Pee Dee River in Darlington County where divers and police are continuing to look for her body.

They’re just not sure of the date and time yet.

Kompassist member Samantha Jones said at the vigil friends plan to throw roses into the water in remembrance of Pipkin, who disappeared sometime around mid-January after her dad dropped her off at the Aynor IGA.

“Right now we are waiting for word on whether police have found her remains, but in the meantime, the family would like to have a vigil for her,” Jones said. “We talked to her mother and she would like the community to come together at the river and throw down her favorite flower: roses.”

According to police, the 32-year-old Galivants Ferry resident was last seen on security cameras Jan. 16 at about 9:30 p.m. at the Wilco Food Mart at 6222 S.C. 707 in Myrtle Beach.

She was reported missing Jan. 22 after her mother said she hadn’t spoken with her in more than a week.

Randy Gale Robinson, 46, of Murrells Inlet is charged with murder in the connection with Pipkin’s disappearance, according to an Horry County police arrest warrant.

Robinson had already been arrested and charged with obstruction of justice in connection with the case when the murder charge was made.

According to the arrest warrant, Robinson hit Pipkin before dismembering her body and tossing its pieces into a Darlington County body of water.

The charges are based on witness statements and physical evidence gathered through the course of the investigation, according to the arrest warrant.

A bond hearing for Robinson has not been scheduled.

Police officers searched the Pee Dee River Landing in Darlington County this past week after Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd said a tip came in that something had been thrown over a bridge.

The weather and the high water level of the Great Pee Dee River caused the search to be suspended.

Byrd said Horry County police and the S.C. Department of Natural Resources assisted in the search.

“We have had divers out there, but because of the water quality it is hard for them to search,” he said. “We have had them cover as much area as they can and they haven’t found anything yet.”

Byrd said the best option for officers and searchers now is to wait for the water to recede.

“We expect it to rise a bit more due to the melting snow from North Carolina, but it should get to a point soon where we can start the search again,” he said.

Byrd said officials have a good idea of what they’re looking for, but he admits her body is going to be hard to find.

“The river has flooded twice since it happened and it all depends on what exactly the body was in when it was thrown over the bridge,” he said. “If the body was in a container of some kind, it will be easier to find, but if it wasn’t we aren’t sure what we will find.”

Byrd said his biggest fear is not finding anything until the summer.

“We are going to keep searching and hope we find something soon,” he said.

Jones said Pipkin’s mother Gail had a feeling all along that something had happened to her daughter.

“She is just distraught and beside herself because she knew from the beginning that something bad had happened,” she said.

Jones said Pipkin and Robinson knew each other.

“They had mutual friends and we were told that he really cared about her and wanted to be with her,” she said. “However, Angie told her mom that she wasn’t interested in him.”

Jones said the family asked Robinson if he had seen Pipkin not long after she disappeared, but he told them he had not.

“It is absolutely awful what happened,” she said.

Kompassist, a nonprofit missing persons advocacy network that works with families of missing people, has set up an online Angie Pipkin Memorial Fund to help pay for a funeral when Pipkin’s body is found.

“When her remains are found, the family wants to give her a proper service and that is what this money is for,” Jones said.

Kompassist broadcasts information on social media and helps set up and manage donations made to families.

The group also coordinates search and rescue volunteers, flier distribution, K-9 field searches and more.

“We work hand in hand with the family through the entire process,” Jones said.

To donate, visit https://fundly.com/m2/angie-pipkin-memorial-fund.

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